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Micron Moulded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCB) is an electrical protection system that comes with a fixed trip setting.Micron MCCBs have an aesthetic design and are user friendly. It offers safety ,reliability and versatility .In the case of electrical faults, MCCB immediately interrupts the flowing current, which could be too high due to the mainline's issues. When the current present in the circuit is higher than the rated value and lasts longer than the expected time, then MCCB trips to protect the electrical system.

Technical Information

Standard Conformity : IS/IEC 60947-2

Rated Current (In) : 63,100,125,160,200,250,400,630 AMP

Rated Voltage (Un) : 415V AC

Rated Breaking Capacity : 10kA to 50kA

Degree of Protection : IP20

Available In :  TP, FP

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  • Housing is made of heat resistant insulating material.

  • Clear indication as “ON” or “OFF” of Trip Protection Device.

  • Push to trip button, Provision to check tripping of mechanism.

  • Fixed thermal & Magnetic setting.

  • Quick make, Quick break & Trip free operating mechanism.

  • Highly mechanical and electrical life.

  • Easy installation and can be mounted up to 90° in any direction.

  • Terminal suitable for both Copper & Aluminium termination.

  • Finger proof terminals.

  • Suitable for Residential, Commercial and Industrial use.

  • Suitable for isolation and use as a disconnection provide overload & short circuit protection.

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