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Micron Mini Changeover Switch is used for switching to an alternate source of supply from the main supply.It is made from first resistant engineering plastic ensuring safety against heating and strong impact.Compact design makes it suitable for use in low voltage distribution circuit.

Technical Information

Standard Conformity : IS/IEC 60947-3

Rated Current (In) : 40, 63 AMP

Rated Voltage (Un) : 240/415V AC

Degree of Protection : IP20

Available In :  DP, FP

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  • Manually operated changeover switching to an alternate supply of source from main supply.

  • CE marking fulfils the requirement of Global Standard.

  • Environment friendly, meets the ROHS compliance as defined by the European Standard.

  • All moulded parts made from fire resistance engineering plastic ensures protection against Heating and Strong impact.

  • Compact Design suitable for use in low voltage Distribution Circuit.

  • Silver cadmium oxide contact tips.

  • Double Break contact.

  • Shrouded terminals.

  • Front operation with state position I-O-II - Mid position off.

  • Can be mounted with other products like MCB/RCCB/Isolators in Distribution Board.

  • Suitable for Residential & Commercial applications.

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