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DC Miniature Circuit Breaker

The Micron DC MCBs are designed for the highest performance. Devices are designed for direct current (DC) applications like Solar PV, Electric Vehicles, Charging Stations, Battery Storage and UPS Systems.

Technical Information

Standard Conformity : IS 60898:2/ IEC 60947

Rated Current (In) : 0.5-5, 6, 10, 16, 20, 25, 32, 40, 63 AMP

Rated Breaking Capacity :  upto 6000A (6 kA)

Rated Voltage (Un) : 12V-1000V DC

Available In :  SP, DP, TP, FP

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  • Tested accordance with IS/IEC 60898-2/ IEC 60947

  • CE marking fulfils the requirement of Global Standard.

  • Protection against Over Load & Short Circuit.

  • Environment friendly, meets the ROHS compliance as defined by the European Standard. Shock Proof: Finger and Hand touch safe.

  • Housing & Cover made from Flame Retardant Material ensures protection against heating and strong impact.

  • Watt Loss value are much lower than the specific values of IS/IEC Consumes less power, thus cost effective and energy saving.

  • A quick make & Break trip free mechanism.

  • Bi-connect terminals at both sides giving a choice of using either a busbar or a cable to make the connection.

  • Special Arc-Extinguishing system & Cooling system which ensure enhanced shot circuit performance.

  • Positive Isolation.

  • Suitable for Commercial & Industrial DC Distribution.

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