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Micron distribution board is vital for any commercial and residential entity when supplying electricity to the whole property. The cable from the main comes to the distribution board, and in the distribution board, it gets distributed via breakers and transferred to secondary circuits such as lights and plugs. To maintain your devices' optimal performance, you need to have proper power distribution both indoors and outdoors. Micron distribution board isn't just an enclosure. It in-houses an overall system that comes with neutral links along with an earth leakage unit. It has interconnecting wires that serve the purpose of proper electrical distribution. Micron double door distribution board can be used for heavy-duty distribution tasks. The distribution boards have an aesthetic design and are user friendly.


Available In: SPN 6, 9, 13 WAY

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  • Conformity to IEC 61439/IS:13032 & IS:8623

  • Premium quality power coating with Mat finish.

  • DB’s are made of special CRCA sheet for strength and finish.

  • These DB’s undergo a Seven-Tank Phosphating process to ensure anti rust conditioning, superior finish and lasting strength.

  • Compact DB’s which occupy minimum space.

  • Removable top & bottom gland plate with knock out.

  • Provided with neutral link, earth link and insulated busbar.

  • Plastic and Sheet Steel Enclosures for independent cut off / connection of the electrical appliances.

  • IP Protection – IP20/42.

  • Suitable for surface and flush mounting.

  • Suitable for MCB’s/Isolator/RCCB as incoming and SP as outgoing.

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